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PART FOUR: Compile a collection of your crucial keywords

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urban75 web project Boost your site's search engine ranking
Build a list of Keywords
By Mike Slocombe for Internet Magazine, May 2004

1. Make a list
Improve your search engine ranking - make a keyword list To find out what keywords are applicable to your site, put yourself in the mind of a surfer looking for a site like yours.

What would they type in a search engine?

Gather a wide range of potential keywords and phrases by asking workmates, friends and long-suffering partners for their opinions.

Find keywords and keyword combinations for your web site with the Search Term Suggestion Tool

2. Get permutating
Improve your search engine ranking - selecting effective keywords Expand your list of keywords by swapping the order of words in your phrases to create different combinations and include unusual combinations.

Add phrases that ask a question ('where's the best pub in Brixton?') and include synonyms, word substitutes, metaphors, and common misspellings.

Multi-word phrases work better than single words but avoid common and clichéd phrases.
Selecting keywords:
Selecting Keyword Ranking Gold
Selecting effective keywords
What keywords are people searching for?
MetaCrawler list of current searches
What People Search For - Most Popular Keywords

3. Fannies and fags
Improve your search engine ranking - add local info Help users find your site by including local and geographic information in your keywords.

If it's a global site, add international spelling variations (colour, color etc).

Be mindful of alternative slang meanings in different countries (e.g. a Londoner trying to 'bum a fag' in New York and an American asking for a 'fanny bag' in Soho may get more than they bargained for!)
More on keywords:
Finding Keywords That Drive Traffic to Your Site
Slang and Language Links

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